Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A play by email playtest of the FOG version 2 beta rules. Jim as Robert the Bruce, and Mark as King Edward. Played using my FOG scenario for Bannockburn http://fogscenarios.blogspot.com/2010/10/bannockburn-1314.html, and using English and Scottish starter armies.

The massive Scottish force moved foward. However, the English archers managed to disorder the Scotts spearmen. One spearmen unit broke purely from archery. The English knights were slowed down by the mud, but eventually got into position to charge the Scotts. The Scotts tried redeploying units from one flank to the other, to counter the English knights, and archers, but didnt get in position in time. A second unit of spearmen tried to charge the English archers, got shot up, lost the melee, and broke, all in one turn. At the same time the Scotish knights got to grips with the English knights still trapped in mud, but were defeated by the better English knights. Suddenly there was a hole in the Scottish line with English archers pouring foward victorious with knights following behind, and the Scottish army morale broke.

1. The scenario didnt make the English vanguard suffer enough. It needs to be further foward and more vulnerable.

2. FOG version 2 seems to be just about identical to FOG version 1. For this battle the only change that had any real impact was the fact that knights are harder to kill - but that didnt come into play.

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Anonymous said...

Puzzled by a couple of things in your Bannockburn game - 'mud' and 'inferior' Scottish knights; interested to know your thinking.