Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Training Game

1750 Late war training Mission.  Nick vs Rob at Nick R's house.

Mission was fighting withdrawal.  Rob launched an assault down one flank, and it was scarily effective.  The defensive ambush and artillery barrage damaged, but did not destroy, two attacking platoons.  The return fire eliminated the ambushers.  By the next turn tanks were in position to shoot at Nick B's artillery, and a furious exchange of fire over open sights ended with the artillery down to one gun, but the tanks failing morale.  At this point Nick B had nothing that could stop the assault on the objective, but Rob ran out of time to get the coup de grace in.  Victory to Nick, but if the game had gone on for another 30 mins it would have been victory to Rob.


Cromwell MkI said...

What were the armies ?

Anonymous said...

its just as bad as truscott trotter leaving nasty communist propoganda at camp cromwell to try to paint a false perception of the army he's going to use in the tournement