Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Munt's Finns v. Byron & Mark's US

Encounter Mission 1750 pts

The US started badly when they failed to appreciate the Stuka menace & bunched up his Shermans & lost the lot in 2 turns.

The US advanced on his right with infantry but their reserves were slower to arrive than the Finn's & a combination of infantry & armour in the wood soon stopped the push.

Richard shifted his Stugs to his right and then advanced on both flanks.

The US put their Honeys behind the hamlet among the cornfields ready to pounce on the adnavcing Finns on that flank, but the Luftwaffe came again with 3 planes, shrugged off the AA & blew them away in 1 turn.

With no armour left, the US were in a hopeless position.  The combined assault of infnatry & tanks through the cornfields couldn't stopped by a battery & infantry remnants.  The US lost the objective and failed army morale all at once.

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