Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LW on the Russian Front 12/04/11

Steve’s Tankovy

Jim’s Spevverband

1750 pts Breakout, Germans defending.

The Germans put a crowd of infantry & Paks in the corner of their deployment zone, artillery in rear, Hetzers behind, Stugs & AA in reserve. The Russians put T34/76s on one flank & IS2’s in the other. T34/85 & Strelk in reserve.

The Germans got good Stormtrooper & digging-in dice and were dug in on the objectives on after turn 2. The T34’s engaged the German artillery and picked off 2 before the Stugs came on from reserve and the Hetzers popped out to distract them. The IS2s engaged the Paks in a long duel, eventually destroying them, but losing 1 tank in the process.

The Russians brought their Strelk in on the T34/76 flank & their T34/85s on the IS2 flank. The T34/85s advanced on the Stugs sniping away ineffectually as the Stugs advanced away from them towards the T34/76s. The Hetzers & Stugs got lucky v. the T34/76s which lost 5 killed plus 2 bails then failed morale.

The Strelk tried to rush the objective & destroyed the Pioneers, but were in turn destroyed by a pincer of Stugs & Hetzers.

The T34/85s changed direction to join the IS2’s attack on the infantry, but the Hetzers & Stugs rolled up hull down on the ridge & took them on. The T34/85s quickly died & the Russians failed Army Morale.

Pics taken from behind Germans.

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