Sunday, May 22, 2011

FOW Doubles Test

Jim's Grenadiers + Steve's 21st Panzer
John's 2 x Russian Coys

All coys averaging 1250 pts.
Breakthrough Mission on 8x6 table.

Camp Cromwell are thinking of running Operation Cromwell 11 later in the year as a doubles comp (possibly the 1st weekend in November - which is a LWE for Launcestonians).  Pairs of players to have a company each fighting on 8x6 tables.   There is a set of rules for such a comp at  which we could use, or maybe modify a bit.  We did a test run this afternoon.  We only had 3 players, but we made John an honary Tasmanian so he could run both Russian platoons.

The Germans put all of Jim's Grenadiers (a mix of infantry, anti-tank & artillery) on the table in blocking positions.    Steve had 1 armoured PG plus a few KTs, & deployed the half tracks in position to rush the corner objective.

The Russians had one platoon with Gods & lots of ISUs on the table and the other one with IS2s & 2 x Strelk in reserve.  The pics are taken with the Russian objectives in the far right corner.  The German 88's evaporated on turn 1, the 1st Grenadiers & Paks were soon over-run as the big tanks pushed down the right flank.

The Germans moved to cover the objectives but didn't get dug in before being swamped by the IS2s supported by a swarm of strelk & they lost the corner objective.  The KTs were too slow & too far away to get over to take it back & the Russians won when turn 6 arrived.

The two platoon format seeemd to work fine.  The big table makes it a much different game - with transport & artillery ranges coming into play to a much greater degree.  At Camp Cromwell we have been using 2000pts on 8x6 table for our club comp and have a few house rules about deployment areas to maintain the balance between attacker & defender.  There was some discussion about whether it should be 2x1,250 or 2x1,500, which period, etc, but we have a good lead time to canvas opinion before making any decisions.

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