Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kingston KUP FOW Tournament 14-15 May 2011

The Kingston Bunker Rats ran a great FOW comp this weekend (14-15 May).  The venue, the Blackmans Bay Hall, was excellent - a nice size, lots of daylight & good facilities.  Tristan Goodwin put on excellent lunches both days, plus we had a great dinner at the restaurant along the road on Saturday night.  There was a good turn out of 14 while John Mumford didn't play to concentate on running the show & to avoid byes.  The tables all had well planned & good looking terrain with plenty of variety. 

There was keen competiton for a nice range of trophies & prizes, but all fought in good spirit.  The Inaugural Tasmanian FOW Club Championship was decided on the aggregate scores of the 4 entrants from each of the clubs, Kingston Bunker Rats, Camp Cromwell & Launceston Gaming Club.

The comp was 4 rounds, 2 a day on the usual Swiss system.  The Missions were R1: Breakthrough,  R2: Hasty Attack,  R3: Cauldron, R4: Free for All.  With one game morning and afternoon each day 3+ hours were available for each round. 

A wide range of armies was represented, 5 German, 4 US, 2 Russian, 1 Hungarian, 1 Finn & 1 British, comprising 6 armoured, 3 mechanised & 5 infantry. All Late War, 1750 points.

Individual results:
1st:    Andrew Smith (Kingston) - 4 wins with Russian Heavy Assault Guns.
2nd:   Steve Jendrich (Camp Cromwell) - 3 wins with Panzerlehr Pzgr (lost to NickR).
3rd:   Jim Gandy (Camp Cromwell) - 3 wins with Hungarian Infantry  (lost to Smithy).
4th:    Nick Ridge (Launceston) - 3 wins with British Rifles (lost to Smithy). 

The Camp Cromwell team: Steve (3 wins), Jim (3 wins), Leigh (2 wins) & Byron (2 wins) won the club challenge trophy.

Steve also won the Monty Award for least casualties lost, Richard Taylor (Finnish armour) won the Patton Award for most casualties inflicted, Rob Holloway won the Zurkov award for most casualties lost, Carl Pearcy won the best presented army award & Tristan Goodwin won the nicest opponent award. 

Congratulations to the Bunker Rats & John Mumford in particular for a most enjoyable & well run tournament.   


lap1964 said...

Look as though you all had fun ?
Don't big up TT to much,as you will need bigger doors for him to get through. LOL

Anonymous said...

the game against nick ridge could have gone either way and could have been over quiker in the germans favour if they would have passed their tank terror turn 1 when they came on as reinforcements.Oh well cant roll sixes all the time