Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gaming Garage

two battles, with some spectators.

Flames of War -- Byron vs John, 1750 points, Late war, Cauldron Mission.

Byron was defending a Russian village with a Sperrverband from a Russian force of heavy tanks, stuart light tanks, and infantry.  The German anti tank guns failed to inflict any casualties, taking out one Stuart before they were overrun.  The Russian infantry went into the village in an assault, taking out the defenders.  Meanwhile, the Russian heavy assault guns took the other objective, brushing aside the veteran Hetzers.  Byron had terrible luck, getting no reinforcements during the whole game.

Flames of War Vietnam -- Steve (US) vs Cameron (Vietnamese).  Leigh took over when Cameron had to leave.  leigh and Nick umpired.

The battle started with a horde of Vietnamese ambushing a US armoured column.  Unfortunatly, they only took out one vehicle, bailing a lot more.  But the US remounted their vehicles, and let off an impressive array of fireworks -- including a two 'zippo' flamethrower tanks burning all in sight.  The Vietnamese were pinned down, and refused to unpin.  Their RPG's didnt do much damage, and the next turn the remaining Vietnamese were gunned down.  At this point the Vietnamese had lost one platoon, and had no reinforcements, so they had to roll morale to continue the battle.  They were successful, and more infantry with RPG's arrived.  A protatracted firefight saw the Zippos destroyed, and the US Armoured Cav platoon slowly whittled down to nothing, while the Vietnamese took horrendous casualties.  But then a second US armoured cav platoon arrived as reinforcements, and the firefight kicked back into top gear.  Eventually Cameron had to go, and Leigh took over.  But then Steve had to leave for work, and the battle was called a draw.

The big take out was that Vietnam battles take a lot longer than WWII.  The high amount of terrain makes infantry hard to kill.  And when killed, each side has their own special rules that keep units around.  Vietnamese troops keep coming back using the Born in the North to Die in the South rule.  And US Troops refuse to break using the 'No Where to Run' rule. Maybe 1000 points is a better points amount to play with.

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joe said...

Well they say some 50000 rounds were fired for each kill in Vietnam
roughly triple the amount fired per kill in WW2. Lucky you werent playing a game based on modern day Iraq or Afghanistan because you would still be playing the game as latest US reports suggest that something like 250000 rounds are being fired per insurgent kill.