Saturday, May 07, 2011

Weekend FOW

Jim's Hungarians v. Byron's US SSF

Cauldron Mission, Hungarians defending on a crowded table.

The battle turned around the objective in the wood on the lhs of the table centre.  The US infantry attacked through the wood supported by lots of artillery.  Shermans and another infantry platoon went around the Hungarian right flank, Honeys put pressure on the left.

The flank attack was beaten off by a counterattack by Hetzers & Zrinys, but Hungarians in the wood were eventually destroyed.    The Hetzers disputed the objective while the 2nd infantry platoon came up.  US artillery destroyed the Hetzers, but they lasted long enough for the grunts to arrive. 

By the battle was now on a knife edge with both sides on the verge of army morale tests.  The 2nd Hungarian infantry passed morale, then the Zrinys rampaged through the mortars in the US rear to force an army morale test on the US which gave the Hungarians victory.

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