Thursday, October 20, 2011

Field of Glory -- Nick in Launceston

Nick vs Dennis in a Field of Glory game, using starter armies.  Dennis had Carthaginian.  Nick had Phyrrus of Epirus.

Not quite a historical matchup, with two of the great generals of Ancient times seperated by a few years battling each other out.  To be truly historical, the Carthaginians would have to have been early Carthaginians.

Nick planned a sneaky double envelopment.  Such plans are risky, as that leaves a weakened center.  But Nick even had luck with his dice in the center, and his phalanx broke a unit of Gauls.  And Nick's right flank cav got around the carthaginians and sacked their camp.

Then it all fell apart.

Nick's right flank cav charged some skirmishers in the rear.  The skirmishers held, and even started to win!  On the other flank, the Carthaginian light cav had been tied up in knots by some peltasts, but they managed to get away, and get into the rear of the Phyrric phalanx.  The Phyrric cavalry had been victorious, and set up a flank charge on the Carthaginian heavy infantry, only to have a Tarentine phalanx win a battle, and have the pursuing phalanx block the flank charge.  The Carthaginian Elephants got in the act.  And suddenly the victorious Phyrric army was on the verge of breaking.  When the Phyrric camp fell to some slingers, it was game over, and the Carthaginians squeaked out a win.  But the game was most enjoyable, and Dennis's troops were beautiful!


Cromwell MkI said...

Skirmishers charged in rear by cavalry & not ridden down ????

Nick said...

3 dice needing 3+ -- No hits. Vs 2 dice needing 5+ -- one hit. So lost the combat. Then failed the morale test.

Anonymous said...

just goes to show how rediculous FOG really is