Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maharajah 2011 Match 4

Mark's US Rifles v.
Steve's Panzer Lehr

Breakthrough, US defending

The US deployed with 155 artillery in the far valley, 90mm AA on the plateau, infantry behind the ruined church, heavy platoon on the central ridge, Shermans, then infantry on the left and 105's in the foreground.  Some SP AA & 2 M10s in reserve.

The Germans have a large SP Werfer battery protected by SP AA on the right. Armoured Panzergrenadiers with 3 Pumas in the centre.  On flank march they had 3 Panthers another Armoured Panzergrenadiers, more SPAA and command.

The Germans attacked the centre as the US moved infantry towards the LH objective and brought up their reserves.

The Panthers came on, drawing the US armour away from the centre.  But the Panthers had no luck, being destroyed by the M10's & artillery.

The 2nd Panzergrenadiers came on and attacked the GIs on the objective.  The GIs stopped their first charge with defensive fire buying time for the Shermans to come up.

With the Shermans going elsewhere the German attack on the centre now made some progress clearing the ridge and pushing on towards the central objective.

But the German chance of victory had passed, both attacks petered out against the combination of GI's, armour & artillery.

Mark joins Byron, John & Munt in the semi-finals. 

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