Sunday, October 02, 2011

Maharajah 2011: Game 3

Nick's US Armour v. Byron's Panzers

2000 pts on 8x6 Italian table - Free For All Mission

Byron advanced on the objective on his right (in the vinyard) with 2 panzer platoons.  More Panzers kept the US right busy while his Stugs covered the open ground in the centre.  His Panzergrenadiers were initially deployed defending his RH objectivem but they mounted up to follow the Panzers in the attack.

Nick was on the defensive from the start.  He tried to clear his right by engaging the Panzers on his right with hull-down Shermans and using his artillery on the Stugs.  He moved all his infantry into the vinyard to protect the objective, then moved Stuarts up onto the ridge to support them.

Here the spectators watch the fight between the Panzers & Shermans on the German left.

But the critical action was up the other end.  The Stuarts on the ridge line slug it out with the Panzers now supported by 155 & 105 artillery.  The artillery failed to make a decisive impact.  The Stuarts were destroyed and the GI's were being whittled away as the Panzergrenadiers drove up to support the Panzers.

With his left melting away Nick tried to rush his armour across from his right under the cover of smoke.  But the Luftwaffe finally showed up and together with the Stugs moving out of the smoke destroyed the Stuarts in the centre.   The Panzergrenadiers cleaned up the vinyard and the US had no way of disputing the objective.

So Byron joins John & Munt in the second round.  Steve  Mark are yet to play off for the 4th spot.

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