Friday, September 30, 2011

Nick in Launceston -- Firestorm Bagration Round 4

Round 4 was spread over two weeks, due to various family obligations.

Week 1 had:

Nick (Motostrelkovy) vs Daniel (Grenadier): 2-5.  Daniels had a unit of panzergrenadiers (firestorm troops) charge accross the board on turn one.  The opposing T-34/85's missed their long range shots.  The PanzerGrenadiers then dismounted, and over the following turns destroyed katyushas, heavy mortars, motostrelkovy, BA-64's, and AT guns!

Rob (Tankovy) vs Starn (Grenadier): 6-1.  Rob charged with massed tanks.  Despite a nasty surprise when some HS-129B3 planes flew over and left a trail of destruction, the massed tanks out shot Starn's defenders, and then rolled on to the objective.

Week 2 had:

Nick (Rota) vs Shane (Panzer): 6-1.  Nick's force was full of captured equipment, including a captured tiger, panthers, and SdKfz 251's.  The decoy tanks infiltrated, dragging a full tankovy foward onto a virtually undefended objective.  An ambush of tigers and a Hummel artillery barrage did massive damage on the tankovy -- but the tankodesantniki troops got onto the objective, and Shane was forced to assault with Panzers into houses in order to contest the objective -- which didnt end well for Shane's Panzers.

Rob (Tankovy) vs Daniel (Grenadier): 1-6.  Rob was so close -- but on turn 7 of a fighting withdrawal Rob's infantry didnt unpin to assault the objective, and the game ended with Germans holding the objective with one infantry stand and two bailed JagdPanthers.  This ended Rob's magnificent winning streak with his Tankovy.

Dennis (Strelkovy) vs Starn (Grenadiers): 5-2.  Dennis was out of supply, with a morale penalty -- his Russians were reluctant.  But he managed to hold off Starn and pull a win out of the hat with his demoralised troops!

Picture is Daniel celebrating his two wins!!!!

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