Friday, September 09, 2011

Nick in Launceston -- Firestorm Bagration Turn 2

Week 2 of the Firestorm campaign.  (For more details, see the Launceston Gaming Club forum, and then look at the Flames of War topic).

There were 4 battles, with a 5th cancelled due to last minute family duties. 

Nick B (Udarny) vs Daniel (Panzergrenadiers): 5-2
Rob (Tankovy) vs Nick R (Grenadiers): 4-3
Declan (Tankovy) vs Starn (Grenadiers): 1-6
Terry (Udarny) vs Darren (Panzers): 1-6

Declan and Starn completed their game before Nick B and Daniel completed setup.  Starn realised Declan loves his heavy tanks, and put two king tigers in his list. 

Terry and Darren were over not long after, with the panzers having a fun time in rolling farmland.

Rob and Nick R had a hard battle.  Rob sacrificed his Stuarts in a death or glory charge onto pionerrs and Pak 40s -- it was death, but they did some damage, and pinned down both the Pioneers and Pak 40's to enable the following Shermans to get into combat.  Meanwhile, there was a furious firefight between ISU 122's and Sturmoviks vs Tigers.  Eventually, Rob managed to get onto an objective with a horde of tanks.

Nick and Daniel had a long game, being the last game in the club to finish, and Daniel almost managing a draw through time.  Daniel had fortifications -- But Nick had mine roller and flame thrower tanks.  The Russians picked an objective, and charged with just about everything.  While the objective had minefields and barbed wire, it was hoped that the minerollers would clear then. JagdPanthers and Pak 40s and Hummel artillery were knocking tanks over, particularly the mine roller tanks.  However, some SU 76's on the other flank managed to get in range of the Hummels and silence them.  And the mine roller tanks survived a couple of morale checks.  However, both surviving mine rollers failed to clear the mine fields, with one being destroyed by mines, and the last one by a JagdPanther.  While this was happening the Udarny got into range, some flame tanks cleared some barbed wire, Udarny Sappers cleared a minefield, and the Udarny poured through the gap.  Nick miss-played his assault, carelessly involving two platoons that didnt need to be involved, but Daniel rolled low, and the Udarny got in to assault.  When all was over, Nick was consolidated on the objective, and Daniel had to launch an assault with 2 JagdPanthers onto Udarny with sappers to contest the objective.  The assault failed, and Nick won with an eviscerated force.

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