Friday, September 02, 2011

Nick in Launceston -- Firestorm Bagration

The lads up north started their firestorm campaign.  In total, 10 players signed up, 5 on each side.  The initial matches were held with much anticipation, testing of army lists, etc.  The most impressive thing though was that there were more FOW games than all others combined, with some fantasy games being pushed to the overflow.

The variety of army lists seen was pleasing too.  Noted were JagdPanthers, Shtraf hordes, lend lease tank hordes, and balanced armies with a bit of everything.

Results were:

Nick B (Shtraf) vs Darren (Panzer): 6-1
Rob (Tankovy) vs Starn (Grenadier): 6-1
Terry (Udarny) vs Daniel (Grenadier): 1-6
Dennis (Strelkovy) vs Shane (Panzer): 4-3

One more game is being played over the weekend - the Father / Son matchup of Nick vs Declan.


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