Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sunday School 04/09/11

Rich's Strelkovy v. Jim & Byron's Finns

2000 pts on 8x6 table - Breakthrough mission, Russians attacking.  The Russians are attacking from right rear to left.

The Russian infantry attack on the village & wood was disrupted by a Finn infantry counterattack towards the GODs battery in their rear.  The Russians diverted a Strelk unit to deal with it & the attack on the village ran out of steam after taking the first row of houses.  After the Russian infantry was destroyed, the Finn infantry advanced on the GODs.

The Finns prepared a reception committee of KVs & antitank guns for the Russian flanking force of T34s.  The T34s took out the antitank guns, but they needed the GODs to get lucky & take out the KVs.  The T34's gradually died under the fire of Finn artillery & KV's leaving no Russians near the objectives & giving the Finns a costly victory.

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