Friday, September 16, 2011

Nick in Launceston -- Firestorm Bagration Round 3

Due to the intensity of the Nick vs Starn battle, I have no results for the other battles.  The post will be editted as appropriate.

Nick had Artillery and SU76's as firestorm troops.  Starn had Tigers and Tigers as his firestorm troops!!!  Nick opted for a IS-2 Company -- 9x IS-2 plus some tankodesantniki.  Starn opted to reinforce his Tigers with King Tigers -- the perfect IS-2 antidote.  Fortunatly, the King Tigers could not be everywhere, so where they werent the IS-2's advanced, and where they were the IS-2's hid (in a forest or behind a hill).  The IS-2's on one flank chewed through the tigers, killing four tigers for one IS-2.  And then the heavy artillery killed one of the king tigers!  Things looked grim for Starn.  But do not underestimate a King Tiger -- ever, ever, ever!!!!!  As some reinfocements arrived, the tiger was free to move away from an objective, and moved to the center of the table, where it could take pot shots at either side of the table.  Starn also agressivly advanced his observers, so they could spot the IS-2's hiding in a woods.  The observers were killed by the tankodesantniki charging out of the forest, SMG's blazing.  But one of the IS-2's had to come out of the forest to keep the platoon in command, and it bogged on the edge of the forest, in plain sight of the King Tiger.  Scratch one IS-2.  The King Tiger then took a pot shot at an IS-2 on the other side of the table, and failed its stormtrooper move.  The IS-2s rushed to get side shots while they could -- an IS-2 got bogged.  And the others missed the side shots.  Return fire bailed an IS-2.  Again the king tiger was still exposed after failing stormtrooper, and the last remaining IS-2 in the woods moved to get a shot, and bogged.  Return fire bailed the last operational IS-2 in this platoon, they failed morale, and one IS-2 platoon was down.

The King Tiger steadily advanced on the other flank.  However, by this time the other IS-2 platoon had destroyed all before it, including all of the two infantry platoons that were guarding the objective, causing Starn to have to take a company morale test, which he passed.  The King Tiger killed another IS-2, but the platoon (with one IS-2 left), survived the morale test.  If it had failed, Nick would have been on company morale as well.  Finally, Starn's company failed morale, and Nick achieved victory, by the narrowest of possible margins.

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