Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rome v. Carthage round 7

Jim's Carthaginians plus Mike's Gauls
SteveJ's Romans

This time Mike was in charge of the anti-Romans.  He picked an army with 1 cavalry division on the right, a large Carthaginian spear division in the centre and two Gallic infnatry divisions on the left.

Steve had 2 legions in the centre with cavalry/auxilia divisions on both flanks.

The pics are all taken from the Roman left = Carthaginian right.

The Romans advanced to take up a position with the RH legion on the ridge and the LH one with it's flank resting on the wood.  The auxilia covered the flanks.

The Carthaginian cavalry advanced just far enough to pin the auxillia on their flank and waited.   The spearmen advance to attack the LH legion.  A Gallic division advanced on the hill with the other in support & covering it's flank.

The 1st wave of Gauls was beaten off, but the Spearmen broke through the weak point between the 2 legions.  One spear unit wheeled left as the Gallic reserves renewed the attack.  The RH legion was in dire straits now, but some strategic 6 throwing allowed it to hang on until their cavalry could rescue them.  When the Gauls finally broke the RH legion was down to one unshaken unit.

In the centre, the spearmen's attempt to exploit the gap they had made between the legions was thwarted by another burst of strategic 6's and the spearmen had to resort to frontal attack again.  Like their comrades, the LH legion was down to just 1 unshaken unit when their opponents finally ran out of steam.  

The Carthaginian cavalry had failed to advance fast enough to get into the action at all, but both sides were content with a stalemate on that flank where spears v. cavalry made it dangerous for either to attack.

Another rattling good game - it was a very close run thing for the Romans, but it's now Rome 5, Carthage & Allies 2.

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