Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maharajah 2011 Match 2

Munt's Finns
Rich's Strelkovy

No Retreat mission, 2,000pts on 8x6 table.

The objectives were placed in the wood on the right and at the front of the village.  The Finns placed 2 full strength infantry platoons suped up with attached HMGs across the front and Pak 40's in ambush.  The Russians put infantry left and centre with their T34's on the right supported by the Gods of War.

The Pak ambush took on the T34's near the swamp.  The Pak's died but took 2 T34's with them.  The Russians seemed intimidated by all the HMGs and hesitated while their tanks & artillery whittled them down.

In the centre their attack was met with fierce resistance and ebbed too & fro as both sides' losses mounted.  On their left, the attack through the wood drove the Finns out and they reached the objective, but they had taken too long and more infantry arrived in time to dispute the objective and when the KV's came over they had the Strelk bottled up in the wood.  Artillery & KV mg fire eventually got the Strelk below half and they failed morale.

But with the KV's distracted, the Russians had renewed their attack in the centre.  Despite rising casualties they pushed on towards the central objective. 

By now both sides were on the brink of army morale failure.  Both sides continually passed morale tests to stay in the war, but it was the Russians who cracked first handing the few surviving Finns a hard fought victory.

Rich is knocked out and Munt goes on the round 2.

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