Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maharajah Trophy 2011, Round , Match 1

John's Cossacks v. Jim's Fucilieri

Midwar 2000 pts, No Retreat Mission on 8x6 table.

The Italians deployed 2 big Fucilieri platoons and 2 HMG platoons around the objective with Pak 40's in ambush and Bersaliglieri, 38T's, 47mm, 75mm & 100mm guns in reserve.

The Russians deployed 4 KV's in front of the objective, Stuarts & Cossacks on their right supported by horse guns & dismounted cossacks.  A big rocket battery sat back protected by AA.

The Russians advanced cautiously while their rockets landed pizza boxes on the Fucilieri & HMGs.

When the Italians got their 1st rserves they brought their 38t's on and at the same time dropped the Pak ambush.  The 38'ts kept the Honeys busy while the Paks engaged the KV's.

The Italians desperately needed some reserves and some luck, but got neither.  The Honeys disposed of the 38t's and the KV's shrugged off the Pak 40 shells and destroyed the infantry of the 1st Fucileri that the rocketshad  missed.

With the 38t's out of the way and no other Itie reserves in sight, the Cossacks came out to play.  The Honeys were beaten off by the 2nd Fucilieri, but they couldn't hold the cossacks who over-ran onto the Paks.

The KV's now held the objective with no Ities able to contest. 

Faced by a mean list and a general with a very good plan who made no mistakes, the Ities were always going to need some luck (like more than 1 reserve platoon before turn 5).  But it was not to be & John had a comfortable victory.  


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more room for hail ceasar jim