Friday, August 03, 2012

Doubles Practice

Another practice game for operation Cromwell. Flames of War, 2500 points, on a 8x6 table. Nick R and Nick B with Russians. Rob and Shane with Germans.

Rob and Shane had an army with tiger support. And the battlefield was wide open, with very few trees / hills / crops to hide behind / in. Nick and Nick had their work cut out.

Fortunatly for the Nicks, the scenario was 'Counterattack' -- where there is an unprotected objective that the attackers can take (but they need to hold it to turn 6).

The game started out with the Russians running towards the unprotected objective with t-34s. Unfortunatly, tigers came out of ambush and destroyed a company of T-34's. This made the Russians change tack, and they moved their tanks back to support an infantry assault on the other objective.

The infantry assault was remarkably successfull. It looked to be in trouble when German artillery rained down on the Russians -- but a flurry of good dice saw the Russians only lose one stand. They unpinned, moved foward, fired flame throwers, and went into an assault. The Germans just melted away! Well, not quite -- there was actually a viscious exchange, which resulted in a much reduced Russian company (two stands of pioneers and a surfeit of leaders) holding the objective. The tigers were in range to assault. They went in, and killed a pioneers stand. The Russians counterrattacked, and hit a tiger. The tigers had to roll anything but a 1 to keep going -- and rolled a '1'. But wait -- they had a re-roll for company command -- and they re-rolled a '1'. A final desperate attack by a much reduced German infantry platoon reduced the russians to just the company command. But still the brave Russians kept fighting -- the attack was beaten off, and the Russians won with 1 stand of infantry left out of over 30 they had attacked with. (It wasnt that bad -- there was an untouched Sapper company ready to walk over the dead bodies next turn anyway)

No pictures -- my pictures didnt work. I blame the glare of the unpainted figures that Shane had on the table temporarialy (before they met an untimely end)

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