Thursday, August 30, 2012

Operation Cromwell III Practice

Jim's Hungarian Light Infantry + SteveJ's Panzers
Rich's Canadian mech + Leigh's Canadian Armour

With Operation Cromwell III, our FOW doubles comp coming up in October it was high time we got in some practice.  This was a Breakthrough Mission, modified for the 8x6 table by having the deployment zone 30cm from table edges & the Defender's reserve zones 60cm along the long edges.
The Canadians are attacking from the near right to the far left. They have M10's, mech ing & mech HMGs on the flank attack.  The Hungarians are deployed on the table with a German Panther platoon.  The rest of the German armour was in reserve.
The Hungarians moved to cover the objectives as the Canadians attacked through the village and towards the Hungarian artillery.
The attack on the artillery took out the Werfers, but a King Tiger from reserve and the command Panther helped the heavy artillery stop the attack.  The attack on the village succeeded in driving the Hungarian infantry back, the Paks in the cornfield and the Pumas coming on from reserve on the Canadian flank stopped the attack.

The Canadian reserves were slow to arrive giving the Axis plenty of time to form a defense of dug in infantry & Panthers.
The remaining Canadian armour on their right dived for cover behind the wood.  Their remaining 6pdrs plus the command tanks pounded away at stubborn Hungarian infantry.  Their reserves finally arrived and deployed out of sight behind the hill in the corner & in the wood ready to assault.
On the right, the artillery and the King Tiger picked off the last Shermans.

On the far left the Canadian flank attack came out.  The M10's didn't hurt enough Panthers & were annihilated next turn.  The Canadian Armour Coy was all but destroyed now and failed morale.

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