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Ottomans at the Gates

After a 4 week winter break Camp Cromwell resumed with Pike & Shotte.  The scenario was a variation of the Barbarians at the Gates scenario we tried a few months ago.  The scenario rules are below the report.

The Hungarian town of Blott is besieged by the Ottomans.  The town guns have been silenced and the Ottoman battery has made a breach.  The Ottomans are lined up for the assault when the Polish relief army arrives at the far end of the table.  The Poles have to break the Ottomans before they can take the town.  The Ottomans have the option of continuing with the attack while delaying the Poles, or bottling up the garrison & trying to defeat the Polish relief force.

Mike commanded the Ottomans, Steve the Poles.  Jim umpired.
The Ottomans ready to attack.
Looking the other way - the Poles are coming on the far edge.
The Ottoman horse move off to meet the Poles.  Their foot move up to attack the town.
The mercenary pike & shotte  in the foreground got mixed up with the Polish horse, bit despite the confusion the winged hussars smashed a hole through the Ottoman horse.  The rest of them were mopped up by the  Ratjars & infantry.

On the far flank the Ottoman light horse held only just held their own against half their number of Pancerni - which had got well ahead of the foot on that flank.
After breaking the Ottoman heavy cavalry the Poles press forward.  On the left, the Ottoman light horse have fallen back behind the fortified camp (defended by light infantry).  The Turkeki have been beaten off but the Janissaries are pressing home the attack on the breach.

The Jannisaries went within a bad Hungarian morale throw of taking the breach, but the defenders held by the skin of their teeth until the Ratjars arrived.

Once again this scenario gave us a great battle.  The Ottoman strategy of delaying the Poles with their horse while storming the town with the foot was sound enough.   It was probably lack of experience in attacking towns that cost Mike the battle.

Ottomans at the Gates:  Pike & Shotte Scenario

The Hungarian border town of Blott is beseiged by an Ottoman army lead by the redoubtable Mustapha Kunt.  Kunt's engineers have silenced the town's guns & made a breach in the walls.  Their infantry were about to launch their assault when a messenger arrived with the disturbing news that Count Longpolski has forced marched from the Danube and is only a few miles away.

The table is 10'x6'.  A fortified town extends about 9" onto the table in the middle of one short edge. The town wall has one breach.  A road runs out the gate and runs roughly down the centre of the table meandering around terrain features to the centre of the other short edge.  There is a clear glacis at least 24" wide in front of the town wall.  The rest of the table is a plain dotted with farms, vineyards, orchards, etc.

Defending the town
The Blott garrison is commanded by the Herzog von Blott himself and comprises 4 musketeer units which can be deployed anywhere in the town or on the walls.   The garrison can sally out the main gate or over a breach after turn 1.  It takes 1 move to get 1 unit thru the gate or breach and deployed immediately outside.  (3 moves would allow 3 units to get out if they were lined up inside).
Garrison: 4 musketeers (3/2/5+/3), commander 8.
Defenders on wall: -1 to hit by muskets & artillery.
Saves 3+ v. muskets, 6+ v. light art & none v. heavy art.
Attacking a breach:   Defenders count as in building:
Only infantry can attack the breach.
Defenders count as in building:
2 dice 4+ to hit, 3+ to save,
count as supported by 3 units whether they are or not,
stand on break test result of Fall Back.
There is one breach in the wall and the artillery can try to make more.
If the artillery are firing to breach the wall (rather than at the defenders):
5+ to hit.  For each hit: 4+ = damage - place a counter.  When there are 6 counters, the wall is breached.
The defenders break if the Ottomans take a breach and move a unit into the city.
If they sally forth and 3 of 4 units are broken, or all are shaken, then the remaining unbroken units run back to the city at 3 moves a turn & defend the walls.

Ottoman battery & camp:
Battery: 4 heavy guns (-/321/4+/5) deployed in earthworks.
Battery to be placed between 18" & 24" of walls opposite the breach.
Cannot turn around and fire at the relief force.
Infantry guards defend the battery as behind obstacle using same rules as camp defence.
Gunners don't fight - if there are no infantry the gunners rout if enemy charge home.
Camp: Located at least 36" from walls if in sight, or 24" if out of  as sight.
Is partly fortified so counts as defenders count as defending an obstacle.
Under musket fire are +1 to hit, +1 save.  (No advantage v. artillery).
In H-T-H attackers lose charge bonus.  Own save is +1.  Test fall back = hold.
Guard: 4 Irregular Infantry (2/1/5+/3, skirmishers), no commander.
Any or all of the units can be deployed in the camp, the rest must be in the battery.

Ottoman Deployment
Ottomans deploy first and the Poles have the first turn.
Their field army must deploy in the band between 18" and 36" from the town wall.  The troops must all be deployed facing the town.  May be deployed in 2 lines, but if so, infantry must be in front facing the town.

Ottoman OOB
Div 1: 4 Jannissary (5/2/4+/3, elite 4+)
Div 2: 4 Tukekci (3/2/5+/3)
Div 3: 4 Feudal Sipahis (7/1/4+/3)
Div 4: 4 Gonullu (7/1/4+/3, lance, pistol, heavy cav+1)
Div 5: 4 Tartars (4/1/6+/3, maurauder)
Battery: 2x3 heavy guns (-/321/4+/4) + 2 Irregular Infantry (2/1/5+/3, skirmishers)
Camp guard: 2 Irregular Infantry (2/1/5+/3, skirmishers)
Command:   CIC: 8.  Three cavalry: 8.   Two infantry 7.

Polish Deployment
The Polish relief army comes onto the table on the edge furthest from the town.
The Poles have the first turn (but the garrison cannot move that turn).
Each division takes a command test.
One unit may come on along the road in road column, moving the number of moves determined by the test (and at least 1 move if it fails).
Other divisions can either follow on along the road of come on already deployed in battle formation elsewhere on the edge.  If the divison passes the test it is deployed within 6" of the edge.  If it fails, it stays off and tests again next turn.
Once a division is on the table it uses the standard command test.

Polish OOB
Div 1: 2 Mercenary pikemen (6/-/4+/4, mercenary)
+ 4 mercenary musketeers (3/2/5+/3, mercenary)
Div 2: Same as 1.
Div 3: 1 Winged Hussar (10/1/3+/4, lance, elite 4+, heavy cav+3)
+ 2 Pancerni (7/1/4+/3)
+ 1 Dragoon (4/2/5+/3 fire & evade, marauder)
Div 4: 4 Ratjars (7/1/4+/3 caracole)
Command: CIC: 8.   Two infantry: 8.    Two cavalry 9.

Victory Conditions
The Western Allies win if they drive the Ottomans off by causing them to fail army morale.  The Ottomans fail army morale on losing 4 divisions, counting both the battery and the camp as divisions for this purpose.
The Ottomans win if they break the rescue force, or if they take the city.
The rescue force breaks if they lose any 3 of 4 divisions.
The city falls if the Ottomans take a breach and move a unit into the city.

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