Friday, August 10, 2012

Nick in Launceston

Another Flames of War doubles practice.  Nick (using Rob's US armour) vs Rob and Shane (Panzer Lehr).

The mission was encounter.  Nick tried to rush the German infantry guarding their objective before the German reserves arrived.  The German infantry were loaded down with panzershrecks -- it was a hard ask.  But it was hoped that 2x Jumbo Shermans would help the US attack.  Meanwhile, Panthers were marching up the center.

The initial US attack faltered -- the panzershrecks stoped the assault, and two shermans were 'bailed out'.  The next assault worked a bit better -- one platoon got in, and did some damage, but the other platoon, with two tanks already bailed, tried to attack, and ended up with two more tanks bailed out.  The German infantry then attacked and destroyed all of those juicy bailed out tanks, and sudenly life got a lot harder for the US. 

The US reserves arrived, and although they were only Stuarts, the German Panthers didnt fancy trying to take an objective when faced by a stuart horde.  So the Panthers swung over to complete the destruction of the Shermans.  Even more Stuarts arrived -- but the flank shots of 10 Stuarts on the Panthers only ever resulted in bails.  Once the Shermans died, the Panthers turned around, and the Stuarts evaporated.  A well desrved win to the Germans.

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