Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Campaign Battle & More

Having won the naval battle the Carthaginians landed their army at Parma while the Romans were unable to reinforce their army.  SteveJ commanded the Carthaginians for PeterW v. Mike's Romans.  Mark & PeterC umpired.
 The Carthaginians significantly outnumbered the Romans, but the Romans as defenders had chose the terrain and were able to hide most of the their army behind a low ridge. 
The Carthaginian cavalry on the far flank was slow to advance and the real battle started when the Roman infantry charged over the hill at the Carthaginian foot on the near flank.  They pushed back the Carthaginain left, but the citizen spearmen advanced in the centre
The nifty little drilled Roman units showed their value as they turned to outflank the Carthaginian centre.
The Carthaginian centre broke, but  some critical command dice fails exposed their own right and a counterattack by the Carthaginian left broke the Roman foot.  On the far flank the cavalry had fought each other to a standstill, but when the Carthaginian left got some good command rolls to move quickly to support their cavalry the Romans conceded and withdrew.

It was a tough fight.  The Carthaginians won in the end, but they know they've been in a fight.

Bolt Action on the small table:

Nick was able to make a rare appearance at Camp Cromwell so Chris gave him a Bolt Action battle on the small table.
Chris' British were defending on the right in a Point Defence scenario against Nick's Germans.  The Germans took the near objective with their stormtroopers, but the Cromwell was for once not toasted & picked of the German attack on the other flank.  With the attacker taking one objective the battle was a draw. . 

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