Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mare Nostrum Campaign Turn 2.1

Turn 2 of the campaign so far:
The Punic War has the Carthaginian/Spanish army turning away from the Roman counterattack in north Italy to attack Gaul, but the Gauls have retreated in the face of 2:1 odds - so no battles.  Meanwhile the Carthaginians got a nasty surprise when Ptolemy's fleet arrived off Carthage which had been left almost defenceless in their zeal to crush Rome & Gaul.
In the centre, Macedon has attacked Greece - battle yet to be fought.
In the east, Mithradates has pursued Seleucis to Susa.  Seleucis turned to fight on ground of his choosing - this being tonight's battle.

Battle of Susa:
Seleucis (Mark) v. Mithrades (Chris deputising for cousin Dale in Switzerland)
Seleucis is on the left.  Part of his army is not on the table as it is out of sight of the enemy behind the ridge.  Mithradates is advancing, though his cavalry seems rather reluctant.
Mithridades has pushed his lighter infantry forward while still waiting for his cavalry to get moving.
The warband on this side has been beaten back by the elephants & the Thorakiti on the other side by archers.  Still the Pontic cavalry hangs back.
Mithridates phalanxes have made some gains on the near flank, but a Seleucid counterattack has driven his right back.  The Pontic cavalry is finally getting a bit closer to the front.  Seleucis' second line has now been put down on the table behind the ridge.
 Mithridates pushes the attack on his left supporting the phalanx with cavalry.  His cavalry in the centre has caused Seleucis to stop his advance on his left.
 Seleucis's cavalry counterattack has driven back the Pontic left.
 Mithradates' cavalry is fighting back against Seleuci's and his numbers are beginning to tell.
Seleuicis' cavalry has broken leaving his infantry unsupported.  His army fails the Army Break test having lost half its divisions without the enemy losing any.  It was a very close & hard fought battle with the Pontic numbers almost balanced by Seleucis' choice of terrain.

Seleucis has to fall back into the city of Susa, his last possession.  Mithdidates will presumably lay siege expecting to take the city next turn.


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