Friday, April 24, 2015

Napoleonics at Moleworth

Jim & Chris' French v. Dave & James' British

The British commanders contemplate the initial deployment.  (The British are on the far side of the table in all the pics).
The Brits have advanced a little to a defensive position.  Both sides have their cavalry on the far flank.  The French are making a massed column attack on the right centre.  They have set up a battery to soften up the centre with infantry waiting for the right moment.  They have deployed their weaker left to defend the creek line.
The French column attacks were blessed by poor British defensive fire and the British line is wavering this side of the village.  A column even got away with charging a battery on the hill.

On the far flank the cavalry has finally got to grips with each other.  The Brits had some success in their first charge, but the French have heavier cavalry & have the upper hand overall.  The battery has blown a hole in in British centre leving their left isolated & on the verge of collapse.
The French right has wheeled left to roll up the line.  A British Guards battalion has stopped the French infantry but the battery has redeployed and is about to unlimber in front of them while more infantry come up on both flanks.
The British cavalry ahs now broken on the far flank.  The Guards have broken in the centre and the Brits have failed their Army Break Test.  A good plan backed up with good dice is a pretty powerful combination. Once again Hail Frederick has given us a fast, entertaining & great looking battle.  Gotta love Napoleonics.


Phil said...

Nice report, an impressive table!

Anonymous said...

obviously the British were missing their Prussian and Dutch allies