Saturday, April 18, 2015

Napoleonic Naval Action in Suffolk

My e-friend in England and his mates have been fighting some seriously good looking battles with my Man o' War rules.


Fifey said...

That looks gorgeous, what form of the rules are they using? Large battle rules or slogging away using the detailed ones?

Tim T said...

Slogging away. Jim's rules are very good indeed. We have one sailor amongst us who tends to do all the moves'whilst we give general guidance.

We now have 40 ships with 16 Brits, 12 French and 12 Spanish. The Brits tend to win if we limit time. Most ships are wooden laminate (bandsaws help) with toothpick masts, wire yardarns (ex Maxedonian phalangite pikes) and French Chablis wine foils for the sails. Pity us : all the wine we had to drink.

A battle is usually 10 turns over two days (2 hour battles, after which we reture to the garden for tea and coffee).

Tim for Mutford (Suffolk rather than Norfolk)