Sunday, May 03, 2015

Bolt Action Doubles at Nick's

Jim & Nick's Germans v. John & Chris' Soviets

Each side had two 1000 pts infantry armies.  We played a Tank War scenario with 5 objectives on an 8'x6' table.  John & Jim faced off on the German left (near the camera) & Chris & Nick on the far side.  We used two dice bags one for Jim & John and one for Nick & Chris.  Generally the two pairs fought each other drawing dice at their own pace, but waiting for the slow side before going on tot eh next turn.  If a player wanted to fight a unit on the other flank, that was allowed, we just paused the double action until the cross-over action was resolved. 
After turn 1.  The Germans are on the right.  The objectives are the hill top, a ford on the far side (near the Sherman), and in the 3 hamlets.  Soviet Scouts being allowed forward deployment have given the Soviets a kick start by taking possession of the near hamlet and the one in the centre.
The Germans are advancing to attack the Societ held objectives, the Soviets likewise to support them.
Nick has taken the objective in the centre.  Chris has taken the one in the far hamlet and has troops in the houses.  The Soviets holding the nearest hamlet are being destroyed by German fire, but still hang on.
Unfortunately the game had to end after turn 6 as John had an appointment with his CO.  At this stage, the Soviets have possession of 3 of 5 objectives.  But they have lost 7 units to 4 and the Germans are in a good position to clear the near hamlet.

The doubles experiment worked just fine.  The only issue was that we should have made some adjustment for the fact that the table was 6' across not 4' so it took too long to get to grips & thus we didn't finish in the time available.

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