Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mare Nostrum Campaign Turn 4: Battle of Byzantium II

Although defeated by the Macedonians outside Byzantium last turn, the Greeks gamely turned around and came back for more.
The Greek army looks rather small on the far side of the table as the Macedonians advance over the ridge into sight.

The Greek hoplites charge the Macedonian left.
 The Greek attack on the left has been beaten of & they have now attacked on the right.
 The Macedonians have outflanked the Greek right & pushed their left back.
The Greek right has broken and with it the hoplite division.  The Greeks have now lost half their 2 divisions without breaking any enemy divisions, so their fail the Army Break Test.
The Greeks are now in big trouble because as they renewed the attack on Macedon, Mithridates  made an amphibious attack on Athens behind them with a much superior force and they have no alternative line of retreat.

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Phil said...

Nice report and nice pictures, the mass effect is amazing...