Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kingston Kup FOW Practice

Mark's US Armour v. Chris' Motostrelk

1750 pts Domination Mission.
The US are on the left.  There are 6 objctives. Two 3 pointers on the centreline, one 1 pointer & one 2 pointer in each side's deployment zone.
The action started with a shootout between T34's and Shermans.  The 76mm Shermans showed their worth and the US won the fight decisively.  But the Soviets secured the far 3 point objective and the near one is in dispute.
The Strelk supported by IS2's have driven the US off the near 3 pointer while the US armour at the other end try to soften up the Soviets there with firepower.
In the foreground the IS2's advanced down the road to clear the remaining US from the 2 point objective.  A combination of artillery and kamakasi bazookas destroyed the IS2's so the 2 pointer remained in US hands.  On the far flank the attack of two Sherman platoons drove the Strelk back from the objective. 

After 2.5 hours, time was called with both sides holding 6 points.  So a draw.

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