Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Mare Nostrum Campaign Turn 2.2: Battle at Athens

James' Greeks v. SteveJ's Macedonians

The second battle of turn 2.  The Greeks are defending and have chosen a position with a ridge extending over 2/3 of the gap between wooded hills. The armies are evenly matched in points, both with a large infantry division, a lighter infantry division and a cavalry division.
The Macedonians are on the right.  Most of the Greek army is still out of sight behind the ridge and not on the table.
The Macedonian light cavalry have got to the crest of the hill and the Greek army is now all on the table.
The Macedonians are using their superior numbers of light troops to soften up the Greeks.  The Greeks have moved some infantry into the woods on the near flank to stop the Macedonian cvalry outflanking through the woods.
The Greeks have made the decisive move - they have counterattacked on the far flank smashing into the Macedonian lighter troops with hoplites. 
The Macedonian phalanx counterattacked to try & save their comrades on their right, but although they broke one hoplite unit, they couldn't save the division. 
 The Greeks have followed up the success of their left by attacking the phalanx in the centre. 
The Macedonians made desperate cavalry attack on their left to try and flank the hoplites, but the Thorakiti held firm and the hoplites prevailed.  The Phalanx division broke and with it the Macedonian army.

That's the last combat of turn 2 of the campaign, now some bookwork for recruiting, etc, and some diplomacy before the orders for turn 3.

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