Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Practice for Kingston Kup FOW

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Chris' Motstrelk in 1945 pt Cauldron Mission, Soviets defending.
The Soviet Cauldron is on the left initially defended by IS2's and a large Strelk in the wood and farm.  The objectives are the wurst stand between the tanks and in the wood.  The Germans initially deployed Paks & Werfers on the far hill & Panzergrenadiers on the right of the wood and this side of the orchard. 

The Panzers came out of reserve early and engaged the IS2's.  Pincered between 3 Paks & 10 MkIV's the IS2's shrugged off the hail of fire, but with only 1 shot each, didn't do a lot of damage either. 

The trucked Panzergrenadiers attacked the near end of the Soviet infantry position and were destroyed by the inevitable counterattack.  The Armoured Panzergrenadiers attacking through the wood had their first attack beaten off, but were still fit to fight. 

The T34's were the first Soviets to arrive from delayed reserve, but they arrived too late to influence the battle.  The Panzergreanadiers renewed the attack and took the objective in the woods.  The battle then came down to who would survive the Morale tests, the last 2 survivors of the Panzergrenadiers, or the last 5 Soviets.  It was the Soviets who broke and the Tankovy and 2nd Strelk from delayed reserve were too far away to dispute the objective.

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