Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mare Nostrum Campaign Report

The campaign is in it's 6th turn/year.
The apricot coloured scourge of Mithridates in the middle east and Greece is an ominous sign to the rest of the players.   Mithridates has twice benefited by taking over countries already weakened and demoralised by others.  Ptolemy has gained two provinces by attacking Carthage while her army and navy was tied up in the inevitable war with Rome.  The other players have provided most of the action fighting  hard against each other, taking and losing provinces, but gained nothing.  There is no justice in this particular world.

In the west Carthage is on her knees after the great Roman/Gallic victory at Vercella, with the Romans besieging Numantia and Ptolemy seizing their homeland. 

The main action this year is at Decumantes.  Mithridates has moved his now mighty army north from Athens while his running dog in Macedon has moved north from Byzantium.  At Vercella, Gaul and Germany were enemies, but now they are allied and have joined forces at Decumantes where they face a Pontic/Macedonian force 33% bigger than them, their own planned advance on Athens intercepted.

Regrettably, Steve of Macedon couldn't make it tonight and without him we didn't have enough figs for Mithrades to take over command.  So battle postponed until next Tuesday.

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Truscott Trotter said...

Time for Hannibal to be called back from Spain to Carthage to clear out the invaders.....lets hope he does a better job than at Zama :)