Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bosworth at Molesworth

Dave & Chris for Henry Tudor
Jim & PeterC for Richard III

Richard's army is in the foreground.  His unreliaible ally Northumberland on his left, Norfolk on his right & Richard with his cavalry in the centre.  Lord Stanley is on the far side left, William Stanley far centre & Henry Tudor far right.  Oxford with the main part of Henry's army is about to enter the table on the far right.
 Richard & Norfolk swing right to face Oxford while Stanley & Northumberland dither.
Oxford marches to attack Norfolk's right.  Northumberland & Stanley move slowly forward. Richard & Henry seem to pause to eye each other off across the bog.
Oxford has attacked Norfolk on the right but Richard's foot has suddenly got moving and lapped around his right flank.  Tudor has combine his horse with Stanley's and attacked across the bog.  The melee is ongoing.  The dubious allies on this flank are still dithering about.
Richard's horse has fallen back out but Tudor's front line is shaken and unable to follow up.  Oxford is hard pressed front and flank but his hot dice is holding the Yorkists off.
Richard rallied his horse first and charged again.  This time he won, but Henry Tudor escaped in the rout.   Oxford is still holding on.  Stanley has advanced a bit, but is not getting carried away.
Richard's horse has galloped to help Norfolk and Oxford has finally broken.  Stanley has launched a sort of attack, but it is too late, the Lancastian Army has failed the Army Break test.  The Yorkist cameraman cannot contain his excitement enough to get a decent image.

The battle was fought with Hail Caesar.  Northumberland & Stanley required extra dice rolls to actually do anything.  This produced a pretty believable degree of inactivity from them.  Our Richard could not resist the urge to go for Henry Tudor & after an initial setback this time pulled it off.  Oxford  erred in going out so far to his left & leaving his right hanging.  He held on for a long time, but once Richard won the cavalry fight and joined in against him he ran out of hot dice.


Phil said...

Looks nice, very nice!

TheDiomedef16 said...

Great report and good photos of the battle. I really must give this a try.