Monday, November 09, 2015

Muskets & Tommahawks at Barries

French: Chris & Jim v. British: Barrie & Rusty in 600 pts a side.
The Brits (on this side of the table) objective was "Scout" (to get a figure into every 2' square on the table).  The French objective was "Slaughter" (kill every civilian on the table).  The French advanced agressively to try to get at the civilians but suffered heavy casualties from Brits in the heavy cover.  It became apparent that neither side had any hope of achieving their objective directly, but it was the French who lost more than half their figs first and they conceded the battle.

As always M&T look great on Barrie's table, but the scenario was confusing and almost irrelevant - the battle boiling down to a simple matter of who broke first.

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