Sunday, November 15, 2015

Flames of War Practice for Good Games

Jim's Germans v. Mark's Italians

Although allies we did a training exercise for next weekend's FOW tournament at Good Games being run by the Bunker Rats.
The dice decreed a Breakthough Mission.  The Italians are defending deployed in the far left and near right quarters.  The Germans are deployed in the far right quarter with their objectives in the near left quarter. The Germans have a Panzer 35t platoon and an infantry platoon in delayed reserve to come on the near left corner.  The Ities have a medium & a light tank platoon in reserve.
In the first two turns the Italians rushed to get into position to defend the corner objective while the Germans tried to disrupt them.  The Germans were fortunate to get their 1st flanking platoon at the earliest possible time - in turn 3.  They came on before the Fucileri could dig in and they drove them back off the objective.   The German flanking infantry arrived next turn.
The Italians succeeded in breaking the German infantry on the objective, but the Fucilieri refused to unpin to counterattack and the Carri spent one too many turn exchanging fire with the Panzers who still held the objective at the start of turn 6 when it became live.  

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