Friday, December 25, 2015

Bolt Action Practice for Cancon

Jim's Germans v. Chris' Soviets
Breakout Mission:  In this scenario both sides start with 3 units in their 6" wide deployment zone with rest either 1st wave or reserve with no flanking. VPs are gained by killinf enemy units or by getting units to the enemy deployment area.

The Soviets are on the near side.  They had mortar, HMG & an inf on at the atart & they have brought on another inf before the pic was taken.  The Germans have Inf gun, HMG & a small inf in the village.
The Soviets put only 1 inf unit on their left flank where the Germans put their best infantry & CO.  The Germans advanced on that flank and defended on the other flank.
On the near flank the Germans quickly destroyed the weak oposition & gained 4 VPs, 1 for destroying the inf and 3 for units over the line.  On the other flank the Germans delayed the Soviet advance with pinning fire.  The Germans lost heavy casualties, but only 2 units were destroyed while the Soviets lost 1 and didn't get any units over the line.  So the Germans won 5:2

Mike's US v. Mark's Germans (on 29 Dec):
Mark used my proposed Cancon army in a Heartbreak Ridge scenario.  The battle ended in a draw with high losses on both sides.

Chris' Soviets v. Dave's Japs (on Dec 29): 
Dave gave us a valuable chance to see Japs in action.  An odd-ball army that required much refering to the rule book.  Tis battle was also a bloody draw.

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