Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Hohenlinden 1800 at Black Hills

PeterC put on a Holenlinden 1800 scenario with his 15mm figs using our Hail Frederick rules.

French: SteveD & Jim v. Austrians & Bavarians: PeterC & Mark

 At the start only the advance guards were on the table.  Austrians on the right, French on the left.
Both side's advance guards stay and wait for reinforcements.
The Austrians make the first aggressive move by advancing their cavalry on their right.
The hasty Austrian attack over the stream was easily defeated.  The French have reinforced their left with cavalry and began a cautious advance.
 The French are now attacking all along the front.
The French advance from the town was too slow, the the second line blundered back while the reserve cavalry just sat there in front of the town for 4 turns.  This gave the Austrians too much scope for counterattacks and the French attacks on both flanks failed to break through.   The French cavalry in the centre broke first, soon followed by their left flank infantry.   With their left gone, the French right withdrew.

It all looked too easy for the French after the first Austrian attacks were easily defeated and the Austrian left cowered in squares at the sight of French cavalry, but the French became overconfident & attacked on too broad a front and found they weren't so superior after all.

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