Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hail Caesar Lite: Macedonians v. Dacians

Dacians: Mark & Jim
Macedonians: Mike & Chris
The Macedonians & Dacians aren't quite in the same time zone, but what's a couple of hundred years amongst so many?  We picked out two 4 division armies we thought looked about equal then diced for sides.
The Dacians are on the left.  Mark commands their two inf divs in the centre & the far flank, Jim has the 2 cav divs on the near flank.
The Macedonians also put both cav divs on the near flank (commanded by Mike) and their 2 inf divs (commanded by Chris centre & far flank.
The Dacians are advancing their left while their centre waits.  On the near flank the Dacians send their horse archers forward while the Sarmartan heavies wait on the hill.  The Macedonians are making a general advance.
In the centre the Dacians blew their chance for an impetuous charge and the phalanx charged them.  The Dacian infantry in the hills is having the inevitable command problems barbarians have when their commanders get too smart. In the foreground a confused cavalry fight has started

The cavalry seem to be on a path to mutual destruction with neither side gaining a clear advantage.  In the centre the phalanx gaining the upper hand, though not without some loss.  The dacian left still hasn't got into the action.
The Dacian centre is hanging on by a thread as their left finally begins to get involved.  One dacian cav div has broken, but the other div's poor command dice have left it in good shape for a counterattack.  
The Dacian cavalry counterattack has broken 1 Macedonian cav div, but lacks the punch to finish off the other one.  The Dacian left has finally got involved, but the Macedonian flank guard has survived the first rush and the Dacian centre has broken.  With 2 of 4 divs broken & the 2 being more thna half the army, the Dacians fail their Army Break Test.

The Dacian plan may have been better suited to an army with better command (we rated them 9 for going max distance forward & 7 for anything else).  Bothe flanks were too late getting into the action.  The Dacians also mishandled their centre, being too defensive & losing much of their their impetuous charge advantage.

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