Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Zulu !

British: Mike & Chris
Zulu: Mark & SteveD
Rules: Hail Queen Victoria
The British want to teach the Zulus a lesson by destroying their Krall.  But the Zulus know they are coming & there are hordes of Zulus behind the hills & ridges.  The Zulus have used hidden deployment using our alphabetical chit system & will only reveal themselves when they come into view of the Brits. 
The Brits send their cavalry to scout to the left and advance in echelon.

The first Zulus appear out of the woods.
The Brits delpoy to face the threat to their left & send skirmishers up the hill on their left to scout.
More Zulus appear on both flanks as the 1st Impi is driven back into the woods by massed volleys.
The 4th Zulu Impi has appeared on the right.  All the 1st 3 Impis threw poor command dice, failed to charge in immediately and have been hammered by British firepower.  But the 2nd Impi on the far left has now charged home.
The 2nd Impi has broken one unit, but a second line was formed and they have not broken through.  The 3rd has charged home in the foreground.  The 4th is still coming  up.   

On the far left the hussars have counterattacked, the infantry has held and 2nd Impi is about to break.  On the far right the 1st Impi has rallied and came out of the wood only to be broken by hot shooting.  On the near left the 3rd Impi has been driven back & is a shaken mob waiting for bad Break Test dice to let them run away.  On the right the 4th Impi's attack was disrupted by defensive fire and has also  run out of steam.

Last time we fought Hail Queen Victoria the Mahdi got all the breaks.  This time everything went the Brit's way.  The Zulu attacks were poorly uncoordinated with lousy command dice at critical times while the Brits just kept throwing hot dice - for Command, for shooting, in combat & in Break tests. This period seems to have a habit of being a devastating defeat one way or the other, but always good fun.

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Phil said...

What a great looking game, beautiful armies...