Sunday, April 23, 2017

Blore Heath at Molesworth

Dave set up a Wars of the Roses game based on Blore Heath.
Jim commanded for York, Peter & Dave for the Lancs. 
York is on the left.  Their army is smaller, with no cavalry & many less archers, but has some stakes & wagons to help stiffen their line & a cannon.
A line of stakes isn't much good to you if the enemy cavalry can ride around it & faced by superior numbers of archers, the Yorkists pulled back their right & counterattacked on the their left & centre after the enemy crossed the river.
 On the far flank the Lancs fell back across the river. In the centre the Yorkist gun proved surprisingly effective as the Yorkist centre battle swung right to counterattack. 
The Yorkist counter attack came close to breaking through, but not quite & when the Lancs cavalry finally charged home on the Yorkist right which had had to leave their defences to avoid being outflanked it was all over for the house of York


Anonymous said...

Cheers Jim, you nearly won it for York!

few more pics here:



Anonymous said...

I am looking for Hail Caesar HYW points and profiles. Can you help? Thanks George. fb: Arrowacks Korsou