Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spain 1809 Campaign Battle of Daimiel

Joseph has sent Sebastiani's corps south from Madrid to meet Vanagas's army marching north from Andulasia.  On day 12 of the campaign the forces met just north of Dainiel.
Sebastiani's advance guard of cavalry keep watch as the Spanish deploy & wait for Sebastiani's infantry to arrive on the road from left centre.
Sebastiani deployed his 2 French infantry brigades to the left .  As he did so the Spanish advanced on his right.  Good command dice got the Spanish in to action before Sebastiani's two German infantry brigades could properly deploy to their right.
The Germans troops had a desperate fight on the hands as the tried to deploy in a restricted area under an uncharacteristicly vigorous Spanish attack.
The Germans hung on desperately while the French launched their own attack in the centre & their left.  Both sides had light cavalry brigades come on late after returning from scouting duties. Sebastiani sent his to support his heavy brigade on his left.  Vanagas left his in the centre to support his infantry.
The Spanish brigade left of centre was broken by some stout defence by the Germans & the French counterattack in the centre.  The French infantry attack near the farm was a disaster & the brigade broke.  The French cavalry got the upper hand in the cavalry melee on the far flank and eventually broke the Spanish heavy cavalry brigade. 

The French had 1 of 6 brigades broken.  The Spanish had lost 2 of 6 brigades broken.  The Spanish conceded the battle & retreated in good order thinking they had done enough to preclude a dangerous pursuit.

For a while it looked like the Spanish were going to win, but their poor command and the Break if Spanish Rule told in the end & their 3:2 advantage in numbers wasn't quite enough. 

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