Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday afternoon at Good Games

Barrie was away this weekend & Rusty, John & Derek came to check out the new Good Games.
I lent Damian my Brits & we fought a meeting engagement.  Somehow I didn't get a pic of my  battle, but it was a good one.  At the end of turn 6 were were tied at 2 units lost each & it looked like a draw.  But the dice gave us a turn 7 & suddenly it all changed.  I got the first command dice & used it to fire two fausts at "Toast" the ever unlucky Cromwell.  It caught fire & the bots bailed out.  This freed my Stummel to pop out & it wiped out one unit with its howitzer & another with its mm.  Suddenly the Bad Guys were 3 kills up & the Brits had no way to come back.

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