Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Crusades

While we had the desert on the table we decided to shift back in time & give the Arabs a change from Martini-Henry's by pitting them against Crusaders instead.
Mike's Crusaders are on the left.  Steve & Jim command the Arabs on the right.
The battle opened with a cavalry clash on the rear flank .  The Crusaders initial success has been tempered by a counterattack on their flank.
The Crusader horse has beaten off the flank attack & the Arab left about to break.  Poor command dice has held back kept the Arab plans for an advance on their right.
The Crusader horse has seen off their opposition, but have fallen back to rally as Arab infantry follow up with archery.  But they did not get back fast enough & the division is broken.  The Arabs have finally got their right to advance. 
While the white knights have broken,  the Crusader foot has got the upper hand in the centre while the opposing cavalry is neutralising each other on the far flank..
The Arab foot has broken giving the Crusaders victory.

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