Sunday, August 06, 2017

Bolt Action at The End Game Cafe

Steve's Panzers v. Jim's Tankovy
I tried out a Tankovy list I might use in the upcoming Tank Wars comp if there are too many Germans against Steve's Panzers.
The dice decreed only 1 objective in this Tank War scenario so we put it right in the centre.  The Soviets rushed their infantry forward & grabbed the objective on turn 1.  They placed their armour on the right intending to overwhelm the German left, then move up in support of the infantry on the objective.  The plan unravelled when Steve snuck a Panzershreck through the woods on the Soviet right flank.  The Scheker proceeded to dodge the mg fire of the inexperienced soviet tankies as he moved through their formation leaving a trail of burning tanks.
The schreker lost his loader, but carried on to single handed pop 3T34's & an ISU-122.   With the pressure taken off them by the heroic schrecker, the MkIII's had a free hand to mow down the Soviet infantry around the objective & take it to win the game in turn 6.  So the Soviet tanks were hopeless without infantry support while the Soviet infantry were hopeless without tank support ???  Have I discovered the Achilles heel of inexperienced troops, or was Steve just lucky?


Anonymous said...

you require infantry support for your armoured vechicals or make them regular,
The german player was more tactical by bottling your tanks in one spot ,maybe spred them out more across the back edge when comming on

Jim Gandy said...

It shows my inexperience with inexperienced troops. My Panzers would have mowed him down with their buzz saws, so no alarm bells. But the -1 to hit for inexperience really hurts v. a small target.