Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hail Caesar: Macedon v. Persia

As we had some guests tonight we played straight Hail Caesar (with just a few house rules).
Macedonians: Mark & Sean.
Persians: Mike & John.
The Macedonians advanced from left of pic to attack the Persians. 
The Persians have a cavalry div on each flank - each 3 medium cav & 3 small horse archers, mercenary hoplites are in the centre, with a levy division on the hill on their right, & Saparabara on their left.
The Macedonians have a cavalry div on each flank, each 2 Companions & 2 Thessalian mediums, their phalanx in the centre, and a mixed div of 2 hoplites & 2 peltasts on each side of them.

On the far flank the Persian horse archers held up the Macedonian advance with accurate fire.
On the near flank the archer's fire was less deadly, but still broke up the Macedonian advance.
On the Macedonian left, their hoplites are making progress against the levy.
In the centre the Persian mercenaries & Sparabara have counterattacked.
The battle turned into a real slugging match.
On the far flank despite the initial success of the horse archers the Macedonian horse eventually prevailed.
On the near flank the cavalry fight went the other way with Persians eventually winning.
The Sparabara pushed the hoplites & peltasts to their front back but could not break them.
In the centre, the mercenaries broke half the phalanx, but the levy on the hill were broken by the hoplite/peltast division & a phalanx unit which were then able to wheel right & break the mercenaries so the Persians now had lost 3 divisions out of 5 so failed their army break test.
The Macedonian phalanx broke at the same time as the Mercenaries, but their army had only lost 2 out of 5 divisions so won the battle.
It was bloody affair - by the end both sides had only 1 close order unit not shaken or broken.

With 700 pts a side the battle was on the big side for straight Hail Caesar - it took 2 1/2 hours. 
We would have got it done a lot faster with Hail Whoever where we reduce the no. of to-hit dice & don't do saving throws.


Anonymous said...

sorry I missed it looks like a great game

Phil said...

Looks great, and impressive!