Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tank War: 2220 points

Jim & Mark's Germans v. Chris & Steve's Soviets
The Soviet force compised a horde of inexperienced troops with 1 reg HT full of veteran infantry.
The German force compised regular tanks & vehicles & veteran infantry.
The Soviets had 16 dice to German's 12.
The table is 10x6' with 8 objectives scattered about it.
Both sides deployed in two groups. (Germans in foreground).
On the near flank both sides sent infantry forward into the farm.  The Soviets supportted their infnatry with armour.  The Germans instead turned their Hetzers to the right to concentrtate their fire on the Soviet left.  3 reg MkIV's & 3 Reg Hetzers should have made short work of 4 inexperienced T34/86's, but the dice gods decreed otherwise & the T34's in the open & inexp destroyed all the German armour in cover at the cost of 1 tank destroyed & 1 immobilised.
But the Germans infantry, HTs & Puma kept the Soviets on the left pre-occupied & distracted from the victory conditions.  On turn 7 infnatry who had been hiding behnd the house moved left onto the objective, still to far away for the Soviet tanks to reach.  The Soviets had 1 tank left to fire, to destroy the 8 vet infantry to keep the objective neutral.  10 shots at 4 to hit gave 8 hits, 8 dice at 5 to kill got 5 kills, morale test at 9 to pass, 11 so infantry destroyed (it was just one of those bad dice nights for the Germans).    The kuberwaggon in the woods had to evaporate as enemy closer thanfirends, so this left the objective neutral & the objective count 3 each & 2 neutral.  As the Germans were now reduced to 3 panzer grendiers in the orchard, the Soviets with just 4 units lost won by kill difference greater than 1 (actually 7 better).

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