Friday, November 17, 2017

Thursday afternoon BA at Good Games

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Chris' Soviets: 1000 pts Meeting Engagement

The Germans are coming on from the near side of the table.  Both sides put all their troops in the first wave.   The Germans took the initiative, advancing their full strength units units down both flanks though the cover with fire support from the ridges.
The German plan was endorsed by the dice gods and by game end only 4 Soviet units were left.  The Germans had some units badly mauled, but none destroyed. 

We tried out a couple of house rules:
1. No templates: Use the dice like v. houses, but cap the no. of hits at the no. of figs in the target.
   (Because we don't like the fiddling about encouraged by templates).
2. Going down bonus only +1 if you go down as a reaction to current fire, but is +2 if already down.
   (This sort of means being dug in.  It speeds up the kill rate a bit & seems to reward thinking ahead).
3.  Assault weapons re-roll misses rather re-roll hits.
    (We think they overcompensated for Assault weapons being too powerful at 2 dice each in HTH & also that this reduces the probability of outrageous HTH results).
They all seemed to work fine & worth more trials.


Truscott Trotter said...

Interesting house rules Jim - I like them. With dug in just need a marker for those that remain down like FOW etc.

Jim Gandy said...

No marker required. If the Down counter is already there they get +2, if they are going down for the current fire they get +1.