Sunday, November 05, 2017

Sunday at Good Games

This Sunday we took over the back room at Good games with 3 games, 6 players, 1 umpire & a few spectators.
Steve's new Australians attacked Chris' Japanese in the jungle in a BA Point Defence scenario..
We can all rest easy as the Japanese were decisively defeated. 

John umpired a Chain of Command battle for Rusty' US v. Sean's Germans so Sean see how the game compares with BA.   (COC uses very similar forces & figures to BA).
This battle was still going after the Bolt Action battles were finished & packed up.  When I left it looked like the US were going to win.

On the third table Matt's Panzergrenadiers fought Jim's Brits in a BA Key Positions scenario.
Matt wanted to try out his Panzergrenadier force of a lot of small units all mounted in half tracks.   It was a decisive win for the Germans in an enjoyable battle, though the Brits felt they were rather hamstrung by their dice. 

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