Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Camp Cromwell 07/08/07

Modder Fokkers

After a long break we broke out the WWI planes again.

2 Camels (James & MarkO) + 2 Spads (Russ & Cameron)
2 Fokker VII (SteveJ & Nick) + 1 Fokker VIII (Jim)

After some snide remarks about certain player's Flashman tactics, Cameron proceded to do just that - hanging about up high taking photos while his comrades did the fighting. Mark managed to permanently jamb his guns and slipped away. The FVIII doggedly stalked Russ's Spad and eventualy shot it down. This left the Brits with just 2 planes to 3, but the FVIII ran out of ammo and went home evening up the odds. Cameron finally decended for the clouds, got lucky and shot Nick down. This left Steve's FVII on it's own v. a Spad & a Camel. He fought bravely, but his shooting let him down. He had the Spad in a mess, but couldn't quite nail it while the two Brits gradually shot him up. He dived for home, but when he pulled up near the deck his wings came off. James & Cameron claimed half a kill each because they were harrying him when he crashed.

It was good to take to the air again after a long break. We soon started to remember the rules again & everyone had a good time, even the victims.

Pic 1 = Russ & Mark ponder their options as the two flights close.

Pic 2 = James' Camel climbs over a flock of Fokkers while Cameron maintains a safe distance.

Pic 3 = Steve's Fokker (middle plane) slugs it out against the odds.

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